Ever wish you could find out if someone has opened the email you sent them? In this month’s tip we show you how!

Whether it’s the business contact who hasn’t replied to your amazing proposal or the person you’ve been dating who suddenly seems to be ignoring you, most of us know what it’s like to agonise over whether the recipient of your email has even opened your email – let alone read it!

Well, fret no longer…Using Banana Tag or Right Inbox you can track your email and find out if and when your email has been opened.

All you have to do is simply download the free app and then when you open a new email select “Track Email” from the top menu before sending.

If the recipient opens your email you will then receive an email notification that includes some other info that may be of interest such as location and user OS. It will also tell you each time they open the email so you can see if they’re keen and it will also tell you if they have clicked on any links.

Download Banana Tag here those days of being in the dark are over!

Right Inbox is another tool worth checking out when it comes to email tracking. Right Inbox’s Gmail extension allows you to see who opens your emails and clicks your email links from Gmail.