The last 12 months has seen an explosion of new portable computing devices most designed around Windows 8 and its touchscreen compatibility. With the amount of choice on offer it can be difficult to make a decision on what to buy. So here is the Pro Drive take on them:

Traditional laptop

The traditional laptop we all know and love is still available. Compared to some of the more modern options there are generally bulky and heavy so why would you still buy one? If you are a power user running high performance applications then they are still really the only options – particularly for CAD applications and similar. However a regular laptop has also come down significantly in price making them suitable as an alternative for desktop users who may occasionally work away from the office.


Ultrabooks are very thin, lightweight laptops often with high resolution screens. They generally cost a fair bit more than traditional laptops although a new generation of ultrabooks with low    energy processors are now available which cost considerably less. They are often, but not always, supplied with a touchscreen (although touchscreen devices are often slightly heavier).

Ultrabooks are ideal for mobile workers who travel a lot but still prefer the traditional design and keyboard of a laptop and also require a good sized screen.

Convertible notebook

A convertible notebook is a compact notebook where the screen can detach or fold back on itself to create a tablet PC. There are many varieties available and whilst the concept is not new, it has been given a new lease of life by the Windows 8 operating system. The most popular convertible device is the Microsoft Surface Pro, which is sold as a tablet but with a range of keyboard options.

Again these devices are popular with highly mobile workers and in particular those who engage in a lot of one to one presentations.


We are all familiar with iPad and Android based tablets. These have been supplemented in the market by a new breed of Windows tablet running the full Windows 8.1 operating system. Some of these device can also be joined to your corporate network as you would a normal tablet.

These devices are ideal for mobile workers who use a desktop PC in the office but require an ultra-portable device on the move which still gives them the familiar windows environment they are used to in the office.

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