How frustrating is it when your laptop or PC fails? You suspect that it is under warranty but you have long since filed or thrown away the paperwork. Would it not be great if there was a simple way of checking whether it is covered by warranty? Well the good news is that with most leading brands there is. Read on to find out how….

To get started you will need some information:

Manufacturer       Information required
Apple Serial number
Acer Serial number
Dell Service tag number
HP Serial number, Product number
Lenovo Serial number, Product number
Toshiba Serial number


If you have a laptop this information will usually be located on a sticker on the underside of the laptop. On desktop and tower PCs, this information is usually located on the side of the device.


Now you have the information you need to check the warranty, go to the following website:

If you select your manufacturer enter the information above and click ‘Lookup Warranty’ you warranty details will be displayed.

Note that for HP PCs, you will be redirected to another website to enter the information.

Now you can always ensure your PCs are under warranty. Or if this is too much work, ask your IT provider to manage it for you!