We’re in another lockdown in England, so check your computer software is cyber secure and provides suitable IT support for business …

If you’re still using Office 2010 or Office 2016 for Mac, be aware that support from Microsoft is ending this year and they are no longer providing technical support or software and security updates for these products (since 13th October).

This may not seem like a big deal so long as your Office apps continue to work but, without the security updates, you’re vulnerable to cyber attacks and other problems. Add to that the fact that, when you’re working remotely, you’re less likely to have the protection afforded by your office IT support and set-up.

This comes at a time when the National Cyber Security Council reports a significant rise in cyber crime related to the coronavirus pandemic, especially with people being caught by malicious emails and websites. These scams are now so sophisticated that they look exactly like they’ve come from reliable sources, so it’s easy to see how busy people can get caught out – and even locked out of their own computers by ransomware etc.

IT support for business comes in different packages …


Ensure your software is fully supported by trusted IT support; the benefits of Microsoft 365.

So, rather than risk leaving yourself – and your business – vulnerable, consider moving to Microsoft 365, which provides many advantages, as well as cyber security. Here’s why …

Microsoft 365 – the benefits

With so many people remote working, now is the perfect time to move to Microsoft 365 – you can use it anywhere and on any device; all you need is a connection to the internet.

It provides all the apps you’re used to – and much more functionality. As well as the Office suite you’d expect – Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. – you have the advantages of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, OneNote and Exchange Online.

MS 365 will enable you to perform more professionally and collaborate with clients and colleagues better. Teams and Sharepoint, for example, have proved themselves invaluable for remote workers wanting to communicate seamlessly. Teams has messaging, chat, video etc. – and has just got even more features, such as Microsoft Tasks to manage workload. And Sharepoint is wonderful for sharing documents securely and making changes in real time (documents are stored in the cloud).

Other benefits include:

1. Reduce manual paperwork by digitising them using Microsoft Forms.

2. Create surveys and questionnaires to gather data and insights from employees and customers.

3. MS 365 provides great security features such as encrypted email and data protection.

4. The software works with the apps you already have – you can access all your tools in one place with third-party app integrations in Microsoft Teams.

5. You’ll always have the latest features and updates with MS 365, because it’s automatically updated.

If you’d like to chat through the various options available for moving to Microsoft 365, we provide IT support in Surrey, London and the South East generally. So let us know! Contact us on the form below.