Many people mistakenly assume that files sent as attachments by email are secure. This is actually not at all the case – email is usually unencrypted and its content could easily be intercepted and viewed by individuals with the right skills.

Consider for a minute some of the information you currently send by email.  Does it include contractual documents, personal information, confidential financial information on your business?  Is there information you hold on other individuals or businesses?  If so would you or your clients be comfortable knowing this is not secure?

Pro Drive have just launched its secure file sending service to address this issue.  Files are uploaded to our secure servers for your recipient to download via an encrypted unique link with a data being removed when no longer required.  For ultimate protection a password can also be specified.

Files can be up to 2GB in size which means the service is also ideal for businesses who have size restrictions on their email attachments.

The best part about this easy to use service is that it is free of charge to Pro Drive clients with a service desk contract.  Please speak to your Account Manager to find out more.