Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

In a business world that is dependent upon technology, the smallest of problems can have the biggest of impacts; any downtime can result in significant costs and reputational damage. And, with the threat from Ransomware now an everyday presence, it is critical to ensure that you have systems and plans for effective backup and recovery in place.

Pro Drive can help your organisation to develop a business continuity strategy and implement a bespoke plan specifically for your IT systems. We will also regularly test it. So that, if you do suffer a major technology failure, you can be confident of a rapid recovery of service.

For a free assessment of how well you are prepared for a disaster, why not attend one of our Business Continuity Planning Workshops or use our free Business Continuity Tools?

Services include:

Business Continuity / Data Protection

Continuous data protection with cloud and datacentre replication

Desktop and laptop backup

Desktop and laptop backup

File, email and application level high availability

File, email and application level high availability

Managed co-location

Managed co-location

Tape and tape library for long-term archive

Long term archive tape and tape library

Free business continuity tools

Free business continuity assessment tools

“All of our clients rely on us to keep current records, so without the Datto solution and Pro Drive it would have taken us months to catch up and cost us a lot of money. I can absolutely recommend this solution to other businesses, as I know it works.”
Chris Derby, Partner, Crick Heitman

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