IT Support for Energy Companies

We keep your systems online 24/7/365 and your organisation secure against the threat of a cyber breach.

  • Do you have 24/7/365 coverage of your business-critical systems?
  • Is your business continuity plan robust and tested?
  • Are you confident your IT systems are stable and well secured against data breaches and sabotage?
  • Do your IT systems rarely suffer from downtime?

If the answer is no or you are unsure, you may want to book our 90-minute discovery workshop to benchmark your IT, give you insights into where it isn’t performing and help you understand what to do about it.


  • Energy production
  • Commodity trading

  • Gas storage

  • Geoscience

  • Engineering and design

  • Energy consultants

  • Regulation and compliance


  • Specialist applications including trading systems, maintenance and asset management
  • 24/7 business IT support

  • Business continuity planning

  • Cyber security & GDPR consultancy

  • Security audits and testing

  • Moving to the cloud

  • IT integration for mergers and acquisitions

We continue to work with Pro Drive IT due to the level of support received through the acquisition process. We have peace of mind of knowing that they are a trusted advisor and look after our IT demands, ensuring our productivity is maintained whilst reducing the risk of failure and reacting to any downtime rapidly.

Paul Jordan
Operations Director, Humbly Grove Energy Ltd

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IT Services for the Energy Sector

Demands on the energy sector are vast and often complex. Customers require efficient support and effective communication. For the energy sector to best support its customers they need a reliable, fast and streamlined IT infrastructure.

Utilising technology at the forefront of innovation, Pro Drive IT ensure your energy business is using the right software, security systems, communications and digital solutions for your bespoke requirements.

We work with several energy companies and have been tasked with a variety of interesting projects, including deintegrating all of Humble Grove Energy’s IT systems from the parent company in preparation for the sale of the company – all with just one week’s notice. In the energy sector clients also include Procyon Oil & Gas, Star Energy Group in London and Hampshire and Petronas Energy Trading.

Energy Sector Communications

Pro Drive IT know the importance of keeping energy companies connected with staff and customers. With remote working becoming more common and businesses becoming more global, communications technology has been undergoing extreme innovation in recent years. We can assess your business requirements and supply you with game-changing communication solutions for phone and video conferencing as well as collaborative software to keep your projects and day-to-day operations running smoothly, regardless of where personnel are working from.

Find out more about our IT communication solutions.

IT Consultancy, Strategy And Planning Services

More than an installer of your IT systems, we have the experience and expertise required to develop bespoke IT solutions for your energy business. Offering audits, risk assessments and testing of your current IT infrastructure, we can conduct a thorough review of your current capabilities and make suggestions for improvements that we are then able to implement. We believe that your IT systems should be doing more than propping up your business. With the right technology in place, IT can drive your business forward, increase productivity and create opportunities.

Cyber Security In The Energy Sector

Smart technology is driving the energy sector. Yet, dealing with data and confidential information carries risk. It is essential to protect your IT systems from cyber threats. We offer a full end-to-end service, from assessment through to testing, implementing improvements, installing new software and maintaining your cyber security to ensure it’s keeping your business protected at all times.

Find out more about our cyber security solutions.

On-going IT Support

Pro Drive IT are here for the big changes and the day-to-day maintenance of your IT systems. Whether you need us to assist you in updating your systems or setting up your entire infrastructure, our experienced team will enthusiastically make recommendations and set about implementing changes with minimal, if any, disruption to your business.

Our ongoing IT support services are responsive, reliable and diverse. Not only do we efficiently maintain your IT infrastructure and keep your systems running smoothly, but we are also always on the lookout for improvements that can be made and emerging technologies that may benefit energy companies.

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