There are so many apps and IT solutions out there aimed at helping individuals and teams to work more productively. They include those that focus on collaboration and project management, as well as specific tasks like calculations and are useful whether working remotely or in the office.

5 IT solutions & apps for improved business productivity

Here are five of our favourites:

1. Microsoft Teams

Many people already subscribe to Office 365, so have access to Microsoft Teams. Teams is a great way to run your business ‘virtually’ wherever you are, to keep your staff feeling motivated and to run meetings and events for your colleagues and clients. We’re hosting regular webinars for companies who have not been using Teams, or are just getting started with it, to help them understand how it can help.
You can register for the next webinar on 13 May here.

2. LastPass password manager

Passwords are essential for cyber security – but consider how much time you spend on them each day: generating them, trying to remember them, entering characters on tiny screens etc. It’s a pain to put it mildly. Stop boiling your head and use a decent password manager. LastPass is great and will generate strong and secure passwords, then save them in an encrypted vault, accessible across all your devices.

3. Cloud IT solutions – phone

If you and your colleagues are missing calls, can’t transfer them etc., what impression is that giving your customers? Get connected! Moving to a cloud phone system will help you drive efficiency at home and in the office. You can easily contact anyone on a single number at any time and aren’t reliant on personal mobiles.
We’re running a webinar on 20 May. Or you can see more information here.

4. Calendly

Do you get fed up with organising meetings and trying to find a mutually convenient slot? Save time by avoiding the to-and- fro with emails etc. Calendly is free Online Appointment Scheduling Software and will connect with your calendar so everyone can share availability automatically. You can customise it to control how many meetings you have and when – and it does the rest.

It’s one of our favourite tools at Pro Drive. We schedule a lot of appointments – whether it’s our Service Desk team organising sessions to provide remote support, our Account Managers booking client meetings or our technical team checking in with partners and suppliers. It’s easy to set up – but just in case, here’s our beginners’ guide to getting started. Enjoy!


5. Calculator 2 – MyScript

If calculations aren’t your favourite thing or you just want to work them out faster, we find this calculator app useful – for adults and children alike! You can write calculations in an intuitive and natural way without a keyboard – so no more asking other people – and you save time (and embarrassment)!

These are just a few IT solutions but we have plenty more! To find out how Pro Drive can help you improve your productivity through software and our IT support services, contact or call 0330 124 399 today.