Business continues as we steer through the lockdown and we can help with all your IT support and cyber security.

We listen to our clients and are working to make things easier, so businesses can be more productive. But an important part of remote working is looking after yourself too. Burnout can be a concern when working from home as much, if not more, than it is in the office.

It’s not surprising that some people have been suffering from disrupted sleep and stress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sleep doctors cite changes to routine or worrying news as being catalysts – and #cantsleep has been trending on Twitter.

So, here are our tips on what can be done …

IT support, cyber security and human support too.

How to sleep to prevent ‘shut down’

April is, somewhat ironically, Stress Awareness Month and there are many sites offering advice on how to get a good nights’ sleep and other hints on ways to strengthen our immune systems. A good starting point for some free tips might be the NHS website but there are also plenty of apps out there like Calm and Headspace.

As exercising can help with sleep, some of us at Pro Drive have replaced what would have been our commute to or from the office with an activity like a jog – then you still have that structure to your day and it’s doing you good.

Looking at it from an IT support angle, if your bright computer/device screen is making your eyes sore, you can enable Dark Mode on many of the more up-to-date operating systems, apps etc. In Dark Mode, brighter features change to black or gray – give it a try and see the difference! You can usually find it in Settings.

It’s also good practice to take regular breaks from looking at your screen throughout the day. Organisations like The Sleep Foundation recommend that you switch off your screens at least 30 minutes before you go to bed, as they can prevent you from relaxing.

One question we get asked is, when stopping for the day, should you leave your computer on sleep mode or shut it down? The answer is it’s fine to use sleep mode – you don’t need to shut it down fully.

Stay safe and well – and remember we’re here for IT Support, Cyber Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and more!

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