We occasionally get reports from our clients of them receiving phone calls from ‘Microsoft’ (or sometimes other well-known software companies) offering technical support for problems they are often not aware of. Often the caller will request confidential information such as your PC serial number, passwords or sometimes attempt to create a remote control session to your PC.

If you receive such a call, and you are not expecting one, you would be correct to be suspicious as it is a well-known scam employed by criminals attempting to infiltrate your network and financially benefit from it.

If you believe you are receiving such a call it goes without saying you should not pass on any confidential details. Make sure you ask for a reference number and the division that person works for. If you then call back on an advertised phone number for that company / division and use the reference, you can be sure that you are speaking to someone genuine.

Alternatively contact Pro Drive – we should be aware if there is any genuine reason for the call.