Pro Drive has seen a noticeable increase in ‘CryptoLocker’ type malware recently – according to Symantec it has become eight times more prevalent than in January 2014.

CryptoLocker is malicious software that encrypts your data files (word, PowerPoint, pictures, music, videos, etc.), preventing you from opening them, and then demands a ransom to give you access to your data again.  There will be no way to regain access to your files unless they can be restored from a backup.

CryptoLocker malware usually comes from downloading files from compromised websites or from opening attachments from fraudulent emails.

To prevent being compromised by CryptoLocker the following is strongly recommended:

1.       Never open any email attachments from an unknown sender.  Even if you do know the sender, do not open it if the attachment name ends in .ZIP or .EXE

2.       Ensure your antivirus software is up to date.  If you have a contract with Pro Drive then we will take care of this for you.

3.       Have a suitable web security service with all undesirable and non-business websites blocked. Please speak to us should you require assistance with this

If you do suspect you PC is infected with CryptoLocker please disconnect it from your office wireless and remove any network cables immediately then contact the Pro Drive service desk.

Should you wish to know further more please call us on 0330 124 3599.