There are few things that are more frustrating at work than trying to operate with a slow internet connection. We now work at such a high pace, with tighter deadlines than ever and with many people located in different places that having useable internet has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. Yet for many businesses slow or inconsistent internet is still a reality – so what can you do about it?

Keep your IT security up to date

When rouge software or viruses infiltrate your IT network they can broadcast out and in some cases receive huge amounts of data. As well as being an obvious security risk this can substantially restrict available internet bandwidth. By ensuring your security is up to date – and that means PC, web and email antivirus, firewalls and restricting changes to your PCs – you can prevent the likely hood of this happening.

Control what uses your internet

Have you ever considered how many devices access the internet in your office? For most businesses the reality is two to three times the number of devices they expect. Usually this consists of mobile phones, tablets and even smart watches! If you centrally limit the amount of internet bandwidth these devices can use it will allow the majority of your bandwidth to be used for company devices only.

Control what is accessed over your internet

We mentioned in our last newsletter the impact that live streaming of sports events can have on your network. The main effect of this, and indeed any live streaming, is on your internet connection. By restricting what your staff can access and when, you ensure your precious internet bandwidth is used for business only

Upgrade to something faster

Whilst this is a fairly obvious thing to say, internet availability is evolving at such as pace that many businesses are running on slow, outdated internet connections when the latest high speed technologies are available at the same cost. If you are running standard broadband, check with BT to see if you can get fibre to the cabinet – which will usually give a five to tenfold increase in speed. You might also want to investigate ethernet first mile (EFM) and leased line connections, which are becoming more affordable.

If like Pro Drive you are based in a rural area then the good news is that there are now many local initiatives to introduce high speed internet to your area. If you are not in an area that is covered then bonded or satellite broadband might be a solution.

Please speak to our sales team if you would like to find out more or have an internet speed issue you need to address.