Smart Home, Smart Office

2019-03-19T09:22:22+00:00 March 12th, 2019|Cyber Essentials, Cyber Security, Security and Threats, Technology News|

For several years, the use of smart technologies in our homes has been steadily increasing. Connected devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home range and Hive’s smart home products now let you control your home from your smartphone. Allowing you to do things like stream music to every room, turn the lights on remotely, boost [...]

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Why Accountants Need Cyber Essentials…

2019-01-25T15:55:37+00:00 November 27th, 2018|Company News, Compliance, Cyber Essentials, Security and Threats|

For those that may not be aware, there is a government backed standard for cyber security, called Cyber Essentials. It is, in simple terms, a way for businesses to demonstrate a responsible approach to cyber security, protecting both themselves and their clients. Cyber security is something we all need to take seriously: currently around half [...]

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