Any iPhone or iPad aficionados will be well aware of the latest Apple iOS (the iPhone/iPad operating system). Version 11 of iOS was released with much fervour along with the latest generation of iPhone September 19th and iPhone/iPad users will have received notification of the update on their home screens. Many have updated but it seems that Apples testing of the new software has failed to detect several major issues – a common trend it seems with recent releases.

The main issues reported are:

Issues sending and receiving emails from Office 365, Exchange 2016 and (which covers most of the world’s corporate email accounts and a big proportion of personal email accounts). This was subsequently fixed in a further release 11.0.1.

  • Performance issues resulting in certain devices to operating slowly or becoming unstable. The appear to be ongoing and in fact reports have suggested that the 11.0.1 release has made them worse.
  • WiFi connectivity issues. Some older iPhone have had Wi-Fi performance severely reduced with the upgrade
  • A further update – version 11.0.2 – has been released today which fixes some issues with call quality and the photos app but there are no mentions of any general performance improvements.

Our advice – unless you have an desperate need for the new features in the latest iOS operating system, hold fire on the upgrade for now.