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Bairstow Eves Franchising

Project Description

Bairstow Eves Countrywide is one of the most respected names in UK Estate agency and the biggest brand within Countrywide Plc, the country’s largest estate agency group. Pro Drive began its co-operation with Bairstow Eves Franchising assisting them with separation from their sister company. Following installation of a new small business server network, a subsequent disaster resulted in a call to Pro Drive to perform an emergency server rebuild and implement our disaster recovery plan.

“The business is totally reliant on its IT systems and a major server crash posed a serious threat.” Says Philip Dobson, Managing Director of Bairstow Eves Franchising, “Pro Drive senior staff demonstrated both their skills and their commitment by working nonstop into the night to ensure that the system was rapidly restored.”


As the relationship developed, Pro Drive were asked to manage the move of the IT systems to a new larger premises.

“I could relax in the knowledge that Pro Drive were looking after the IT systems and could concentrate my efforts on other parts of the office move” says Martin Ratcliff, Financial Controller.


Following the office move, Bairstow Eves Franchising contracted Pro Drive on an inclusive annual maintenance agreement. In addition to guaranteeing a rapid response to incidents we have worked proactively to lock down and secure the network against further problems, resulting in a measured reduction in interruptions.

“The annual maintenance agreement has switched my way of thinking regarding IT issues from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’ and we are certainly seeing the benefits.” Says Ratcliff, “With minimal additional investment on IT systems, under the guidance of Pro Drive we have seen a significant reduction in downtime due to IT problems.”

Project Details